May 23, 2009

What do I personally think of miracles? Well I haven’t really thought of it much.

Being non-religious myself, miracles have never held spiritual connotations for me. It’s only ever been a word that i use to describe an unknown situation that has occurred in my favour.

So is miracles tied in with religion? I don’t think so. As someone proposed within my tutorial, there can be two ways of looking at the definition of a miracle.

On the one hand, you have the religion connotation regarding the intervention of God or a holy subject, causing something to be turned in your favour. This is a religion miracle.

But on the other hand, you have the word miracle simply referring to the idea of something unexplained occurring, that has some positive effect towards you as an individual.

I say, people are too inclined to believe that we have help from a higher being. Why is it that positive situations which occur around have to do with God and angels? I don’t think it’s likely that they have that much time on their hands to pay attention to each and every one of us, waiting for us to do a good deed and reward it with a miracle. Isn’t the uncertainty of the environment enough to keep their hands busy? Aren’t there other worldly problems that have occurred that need tending to?

I’m not denying the existance of a God or angels. But I’m denying the myths and legends that arise from religious texts written by man (but of course, supposably man is only the scribe to God’s words).

People… take a grip. Stop thinking that God is standing there watching over you 24/7. Because the more you think that, the more you rely on a spiritual entity who’s existence is still not proven. And the more this happens…. what if something did occur? Something negative? Will you simply wait around for it to be magically resolved?

Again I stress my concern. Human kind is too attached to an invisible deity that we may eventually find this reliance to be a burden.



*sigh* I’ve chickened out. Again, I’ve begun to type something in the little response box of my online tutorials, but due to the worry of offending certain relgious individuals… I bailed.
In fact, that little window is still up and running waiting for me to continue to argue my case about why I think there’s no point to praying.

So here I am. Arguing my case to an invisible audience – maybe even no audience. I’m not sure whether anyone actually follows this blog… besides my tutor. Hey Pete =]

So anyway. Prayers. Yes.

I. Don’t. See. The. Point.

Honestly? Honestly. All that talk about having a closer connection to God through prayers. Why? Is there a need to take time, sit down (or kneel), just to be closer to an entity that supposably residing all around you? I mean, gods are supposed to be all knowing are they not? Does it not seem contradictory that we must make time in praying, to talk to the God that knows everything about you already? To me, it’s like telling someone something twice. No point.

And what of the idea of asking for things in prayers? Again pointless to my point of view. Why sit around waiting in hope that god has answered your prayers? Why not act yourself to improve any problems that may have arisen? Strive for the things you’re asking for. It feels as though people rely too much on spiritual intervention. Hey, if it makes you feel better. Go for it. If it makes you feel better to know that someone is watching over your every achievement and every mistake – go for it.
I’m not saying that we should shunt away the idea of appealing to an entity that’s “bigger than us”, that’s bigger than the four dimensional world we live in. But should we really rely on this entity, knowing that we won’t have any solid reply?

God shouldn’t require someone to ask for something before he acts. He should be all knowing and hence act upon making our lives work more smoothly. And if you think that God shouldn’t have his hand in the operations of humankind… well again that drags my point back to prayers. Why bother asking for anything if you think that God isn’t supposed to intervene??

How about seeing prayers as a sort of counsel. To the problems that you’re facing. God is someone you can talk to about your problems. Again pointless. If you have problems within your life, yes of course you have to talk about it to get it off your chest. But the point of sharing problems is to receive feedback to resolve the problem. And… God does NOT give feedback. I suggest a counsellor. A literal person to help you with your woes. And im not talking about those priests you can talk to in those little boxed rooms – unfortunately (I’m sorry if i do offend, I really am), the feedback you receive is influenced by the idea that it’s coming from a “higher place”. And in the end it will affect your judgement as whether to take on board this feedback and act upon it.

To cut the long story short (though I think it’s quite long already…), prayers? No point. This is my views though. Obviously, I’m not one for religion. I don’t think there isn’t a spiritual world – I’d like to think there’s more than just the physical world around us. I’d like to think that there’s a place in another dimension maybe, that is unseen by the normal human eye.
But in saying that, I don’t believe we should rely on these beings to run our lives for us. And to me, prayers are just simply a blackboard where you write all your whines and problems onto. You’re producing, but you get nothing in return. It’s simply a journal so to speak.