Hmmm… what do we all think of IVFs?

This is yet another topic of discussion that I can’t seem to only agree with the one side. Im finding that there are good points and bad points.

On the one hand, we have the disadvantaged couples who strive to have children but never suceed. This is like a god-sent procedure for them, allowing such couples to have as many babies as they wish (but of course that is if the IVF were to work). But what of those couples who are simply using our current society’s fantastic technology just so they can create their own custom-made child?

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories about people picking the colour of their baby’s eyes, and maybe their height and hair colour. Outragous you say? Well its something that can’t be stopped anymore.
There may be controversy with such actions – I mean, how could such a person do that? Pick how their child looks like! They might as well buy a Barbie Doll and raise it as their child.
But of course, like i was saying, there’s no way of stopping this preposterous act. Because IVFs have all become a business. There’s no way of stopping someone picking and choosing what their babies look like anymore. Because no matter how much debate revolves around this act, the idea has already leaked through our society like the plague. Everyone knows of its existence and within our economically driven world, everything is run by money.

Not sure why I’m bothering with asking whether IVFs are ethically right or wrong anymore. Because no matter how much I contest against the negative aspects of this procedure, unless it is made illegal within the whole WORLD (because we can always fly to another country to make our pretty babies); there’s no way of stopping it anymore. And of course, the UN won’t be too bothered with such a multinational agreement when there are other more pressing problems like … war.

So I guess this ends my thoughts on IVFs. Half the time they’re decent. The other half = bad bad bad practice.

But like I said. There’s no point in arguing anymore on something that won’t change.