May 23, 2009

What do I personally think of miracles? Well I haven’t really thought of it much.

Being non-religious myself, miracles have never held spiritual connotations for me. It’s only ever been a word that i use to describe an unknown situation that has occurred in my favour.

So is miracles tied in with religion? I don’t think so. As someone proposed within my tutorial, there can be two ways of looking at the definition of a miracle.

On the one hand, you have the religion connotation regarding the intervention of God or a holy subject, causing something to be turned in your favour. This is a religion miracle.

But on the other hand, you have the word miracle simply referring to the idea of something unexplained occurring, that has some positive effect towards you as an individual.

I say, people are too inclined to believe that we have help from a higher being. Why is it that positive situations which occur around have to do with God and angels? I don’t think it’s likely that they have that much time on their hands to pay attention to each and every one of us, waiting for us to do a good deed and reward it with a miracle. Isn’t the uncertainty of the environment enough to keep their hands busy? Aren’t there other worldly problems that have occurred that need tending to?

I’m not denying the existance of a God or angels. But I’m denying the myths and legends that arise from religious texts written by man (but of course, supposably man is only the scribe to God’s words).

People… take a grip. Stop thinking that God is standing there watching over you 24/7. Because the more you think that, the more you rely on a spiritual entity who’s existence is still not proven. And the more this happens…. what if something did occur? Something negative? Will you simply wait around for it to be magically resolved?

Again I stress my concern. Human kind is too attached to an invisible deity that we may eventually find this reliance to be a burden.



One Response to “Miracles.”

  1. Nicely said Cat. I fear we already live in these times you are concerned about. We need to cast these childish thoughts and explanations away. Period. We have an understanding now of how things “work”. We don’t need a deity to supersede on our part or better yet to explain why a flood or earthquake occurs. We have an understanding of the plates that make up this planet as well as weather patterns.

    I look at it this way…

    In the early part of last century we began building cars on an assembly line. We have perfected (some would argue) this process. It seems ridiculous that we would continue to make cars 200 years from now in the same manner and with the same technology from last century. I hope we would have reached a better understanding in regards to science and it’s practice and applications as well in 200 years time. It would seem ridiculous to think that science would still be using the same 200 year old text book, right? Why has religion persisted for so long… when we are finding our more and more how natural laws work.

    They just work. They don’t need a higher being as the explanation any more.

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