I question God.

April 26, 2009

Real? Existent? I don’t quite think so.

Before I begin, I should reiternate my religious status – I am agnostic. I DO believe there may be a God. Sure, why not? Anything is possible. But is THE God real? That’s another matter altogether.

From discussions this week in my science and religion classes, other students have proposed the idea that God is all good and all knowing. He’s a saint. A dear at heart. He can’t created evil within our world. He has just allowed humans free will. And from that, we humans have condemned the fate of evil on ourselves. Absolutely not God’s fault.

But I say, how ISN’T it his fault? If God was all knowing, then he should’ve KNOWN that he was creating a kind of animal who could enforce such evil into the perfect world he made. Is this not contradictory then, that he has done this and yet still is considered all good? Does this make God not as fantastically pure and happy happy as we all thought he was to be?

Another thing. Jesus. If God was all good, and lovely, and a darl; why in the WORLD would he create a man – his own son for that matter, and send him to his death? Why mould a being to be killed by its kind? Yes, Jesus was born and sacrificed to clear others for their sins. But in doing so, God would’ve condemned a man to pain and suffering! How is God then considered the wondered being he is? How can he sit back and watch his son be nailed to a cross!

If I were God, I would’ve just discreetly forgiven everyone’s sins. Rather than bothering to put a man in pain just to prove my point that I’m here, watching their every move.

Yet another thing. If God was supposedly wanting to be discreet about his influences on our world – the butterfly effect, why would he allow religion to exist? Why be discreet on what he does, yet have people be educated about him and have us humans know of his existence?

I question God. I question his way of working his magic. I question his existence. I question all these contradictions that occur in regards to a being that’s supposed to be perfect!

Maybe this is why I can’t stand to believe in a single god. There is no way I cannot question their methods. I am a believer of the existence of Gods. But I’m not a believer of God’s existence.



2 Responses to “I question God.”

  1. Andres said

    Well, I can’t answer all of your questions, but you can find most of them in the bible. However, referring to your question “Why did God create us if he knew we would turn out bad?”, it’s really quite simple. Well, first of all, he had to give us free will. If he created us to be robots, worshipping him against our will, or not by free choice, than there’s nothing really proven there, is there? I mean, if you create a robot to follow you around, then he does it not because he’s loyal, but because he’s made that way.

    In the same way, God created us to have that free will, and choice. Secondly, God allowed us that measure of free will because he wanted to show us how much he loves us. Think of it like this: It doesn’t take much effort to show a person utterly loyal to you your love for him. On the other hand, if that person has his/her ups and downs, it would be much more of a showing of character to love him/her anyways. God shows us that he loves us anyways, and forgives us despite our mess-ups.

    Now, referring to your question about Jesus, it wasn’t a simple matter as simply nailing him to a cross. Romans 6:23 says that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Basically, this means that sin = death. And because God = purity, eternal life, he can’t be associated with sin. It’s not that he doesn’t want to or anything like that, but because he CAN’T. His nature doesn’t allow it.

    Anyways, when God gave his only son, Jesus, Jesus took on the form of a man. A man CAN be associated with sin, because man is naturally sinful. Therefore, Jesus was able to take the fall. And don’t think that God was just sitting back and chilling, watching his son die for us. He suffered incredibly. I mean, imagine your FIRST son, die for some idiots who don’t even deserve that level of forgiveness. God showed his love for us there. Basically, his message was, “I don’t care that you, man, are an idiot. I love you anyways, despite all your short-comings”.

    And who said anything about being discreet? God wants us to proclaim to the skies about him! He wants us to scream in joy and jump up and down with happiness. “Religion” isn’t some stuffy old “sitting-down-at-church-and-that’s-it” kind of thing. It’s about spreading the word, and letting others know about it. Haven’t you ever heard of World Prayer Day? Thousands upon thousands of people all get together (Not in the same place, mind you) and pray about the different problems of their lives, or simply giving thanks and praising God.

    I really hope this answers a few of your questions, and this blog certainly is an interesting one.

    • catdang said

      Well to start off, I must say that I’m not of the Christian religion or any other similar, so I haven’t read the Bible. In this case, I must talk your word for references to the contents of the book.

      But in reply to your comment, if God was to be all good and the creator of all good, then how is it possible he is able to create mankind that can stem evil? I still have no idea how that can occur. Would that mean that God isn’t as pure as he seems? Of course free will is god-sent (forgive my pun). Because we humans have the ability to choose our own paths in life – and hence bring evil into the world we live in. But from a philosophical point of view… the idea of free will is still uncertain. Some say it exists, some say it doesn’t. Some don’t even want to comment considering it’s a muddle of an argument and no party involved will ever get the better hand for long. But in the case of the non-existence of free will, that would mean life and time is but a linear path that has already been pre-set for us. That we as humans can believe we are making decisions for ourselves but infact there is an invisible cord that’s veering us off into the already assigned direction.
      What of that? I assume free will is another component of the Bible, but if you step outside the bubble of religion; this point of view really puts God in a bad light. If there were no free will then God can definitely be seen as the creator of evil. Will that not contradict then, what has been said about God? About his pure goodness?

      Let’s skip the Jesus argument considering that I feel no matter what I say I’d be repeating what I originally wrote in my blog anyways. So onto the topic of God being discreet.

      You mentioned World Prayer Day. Is that an event marked by the Bible? To me it seems like a man made event that was in praise to the lord we know about today. Hm… what are other events or such that suggest his existence. Christmas? Wasn’t that just in commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice? The Bible? Isn’t it just a book written by man?
      To me that’s discreet. If you can think of anymore examples, please comment on them and I’ll try to argue my point =]
      This is rather interesting.


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