God is in the stars!

April 16, 2009

Anyone read the Telegraph today? Interesting story.

Is God gracing our stars? So far, the Hubble Telescope has found two very interesting forms of energy within our stars – one only just found recently!
The “hand of God” is a combination of lights emitting from the remains of a supernova, creating a whole image that resembles the a hand.


It’s calculated that this star phenomenon is approximately 17000 light years away – that means that this would’ve occurred 17000 years ago! The span of it is approximately 150 light years!

Does this suggest anything? Was this one of the first glimpses of God in our Universe? Did he make himself evident 17000 years ago?
To brush this wispy questions aside, would those of strong religious backgrounds use this to promote their religion? Try and use it to manipulate others who are more ignorant?

Guess we’ll wait and see.

This is another that was taken awhile ago – the eye of God.




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