Was Jesus real?

April 5, 2009

I’ve always wondered…. was Jesus real?
Was there ever a man that stood out to sacrifice himself in the name of “cleansing” others of their wrongdoing? If so, that’s very brave.

But even so… was this man really the son of God?

I’ve always wondered whether there was really a man called Jesus or whether there was really a man that stood for Jesus and was just named that afterwards. It’s hard to think that there is a God truly intervening in our lives. Just the fact that many don’t SEE or have any personal contact is already getting me to be a bit iffy.

I relate this idea to another religion that I’m more familiar with and have come to a conclusion – my personal opinion on the existence of Jesus.

Like Buddha, I believe that Jesus was in fact a man that lived within the age told by the Bible. He was most of a very nice man – a man who sacrificed alot for his surrounding people. He was most probably one of the best, loving men you could ever find. He might have even sacrificed himself at the stake, for a reason which is similar to that stated in the Bible.

But all that stuff about him being the son of God? I don’t think I’ll believe unless there’s stark, solid evidence sitting right in front of me screaming “PICK ME UP AND BELIEVE YOU IGNORANT GIRL!”

It is the same for what I believe of Buddha himself. I do believe that there was a man who tried to make himself more enlightened by starving etc. But in thinking about a whole heaven built in the clouds above us, supporting a family of Gods and Goddesses…. I’m not quite ready to think that’s the truth – just yet.

Maybe I’ll be convinced later on in life. May I’ll meet them after I die & they’ll say something like “They told you so!”

But until then, Jesus and Buddha would be legends to me. But the whole intervention of spiritual life stuff? That will remain a myth.



One Response to “Was Jesus real?”

  1. Mattias said


    This is a really good book where the writer tries to find out who the real Jesus was.

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