Afterlife of a Buddhist believer.

March 23, 2009

Is there really an afterlife? Does our consciousness leave the world and enter a different place, universe where those who have ‘passed on’ belong?

Well according to Buddhism, there is.

Taking this all from memory, I believe that there are three different destinations for those who enter this afterlife.

There is Heaven, where those who have performed great deeds in life, are rewarded to live carefree lives amongst the deities of the religion.
There is reincarnation, where those who have done no wrongs, go. To rebirth and live again as another human or animal.
And then there is Hell.

For all those who have acted wrongly during their lives, they must pay their debt in Hell. To what I remember, even the slightest form of waste will be recorded and paid afterwards in Hell. (Apparently, for each grain of rice that is wasted, a worm is eaten in punishment….)

What I also remember, is there are 18 levels of Hell. Each possesses a greater deal of pain and suffering then the last. And at the 18th level, the punishment is isolation for an infinite period – the supposed worse punishment that one could receive.

I’ve always wondered though…

What happens to you after death? Obviously, the afterlife is not the same for all religions that are present within our society. So there cannot be one truth afterlife that can be believed. Does that mean if you’re Buddhist, then this is the afterlife you will come to? Does that mean if you’re Christian, then you are transported to a different afterlife – one which resembles that in the Bible?

What happens if you’re agnostic. Or atheist?

Are you condemned to a worse fate considering that there is no one religion you have faith in?

Or…. does your consciousness simply fade as your body looses the ability to fight against death.

Hopefully this last option is what we all will be subjected to. Seems the least painful.

Here is a picture I managed to find off Google relating to the different levels of Hell within the Buddhist religion. Don’t worry, it’s only a cartoon.


By the way.. I hope I don’t come across as morbid. I’m just curious.



One Response to “Afterlife of a Buddhist believer.”

  1. Lynn said

    When you study various religions and their descriptions of the afterlife, there are more similarities than there are differences. I think they’re all describing the same thing in different ways.

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