March 20, 2009

Has anyone seen the movie “Traitor”?
It was out in cinemas recently, and even though it wasn’t the most fantastic movie I’ve ever seen (quite dull actually – sorry to the fans out there); the underlying meanings of the narrative was very interesting.

The story basically revolved around an American spy who was placed in a group of Muslim terrorists, to try to report back all activites that could’ve threatened our society.
What I thought was interesting, was the way they interpreted the reasons behind Muslim terrorist acts.
Their thoughts were that even though these actions would deem them to their religious “hell”; they were actually providing a service to the community through “purification” – in a sense.
They believed that what they were doing was for the common good of their society – simply acting out to achieve what their God described as a better world.

But even though I do sympathise, in the sense that they believe they’re doing a deed for the world; it was still simply a wrong form of interpretation that caused all this damage to be done.
If they could simply act in different ways, though trying to fight for the same cause; would Muslims then be stereotyped as the better race within our society? Rather than now carrying the weight of a terrorists’ name on their shoulders?

Their initial belief was coherent. Understandable. Commendable even. But the path they took to help our world has infact caused a diservice to both our people and their religion.

I guess this is the same as many other disasterous acts that have occurred in the past – those related to ‘acting in the name of God’.
From medieval times of burning suspected witches at stake, to the era of Hitler; each revolution was once, right from the start, a belief stemmed from a good prospect of God. But all turned negative in the end.

So my question now is: who is to blame?
Some blame the religion in itself, for providing such beliefs that caused such tragedies. Some blame the interpreters for twisting a once positive belief, and interpreting it incorrectly.
Some just simply don’t care.

Though… I don’t think a general agreement will be made on this question.

Oh and by the way… I just thought to add the poster for the movie, just to lighten things up =]



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